Liquid waste disposal

Ensuring that liquid waste is disposed of properly can be a difficult task, especially if your business or organisation does not have the correct equipment to get the job done properly. However, failing to dispose of your liquid waste properly could potentially cost your business much more than you think.

Here at JVC Wet Waste, we offer a wide range of liquid waste removal services, across London and the South East.

This includes the removal and clearance of:

Local engineers available 24/7 365 days

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Fully equipped for all drainage issues

Importance Of Liquid Waste Disposal

Whilst all liquid waste still needs to be safely disposed of, hazardous waste has to be handled and disposed of incredibly carefully.

In fact, The Environment Agency states that any business that produces waste that falls under the hazardous waste regulations must ensure that:

  • Waste is stored safely
  • The appropriate danger symbols are used on waste containers
  • Each site that produces hazardous waste is properly registered
  • Only hazardous waste with the correct identifying paperwork is moved and transported
  • Full auditable records are kept of waste transfers
  • Waste is managed safely and correctly by competent people

As you can see above, the correct handling and disposal of liquid waste is incredibly important and any errors could cost your business dearly. Why not entrust our experts here at JVC Wet Waste. Our professional liquid waste management specialists will be able to provide your business with a cost-effective and efficient liquid waste removal that is fully compliant with all relevant waste removal laws and legislations.

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