Home buyers drainage surveys

A home buyer’s drain survey is also known as a pre-purchase drain survey and should be an essential part of any potential property purchase. During a home buyer’s drain survey, the surveyor will not just look into the drainage system at the surface level, but they will suggest getting a specialist in as and when they deem it necessary, meaning that you can rest assured that the survey will be well worth its cost.

Your mortgage provider may well request a drain survey report before they lend you any money to buy a property. Insurance companies may also request a drain survey to be carried out on the property, particularly if it is a period property or one built on land that is prone to flooding. Home Buyer’s Drain Survey reports will usually satisfy parties that require information about your drainage system such as solicitors.

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Why Conduct A Home Buyers Drainage Survey

If the water company owns the drainage system surrounding your home, they will be prompted to resolve the problem before it causes the homeowner any issues.

Drainage on your land is usually your responsibility, so it is paramount you keep your drains cleared and maintained to ensure correct operation of your drainage system and to avoid any costly issues later on.

RICS buildings surveyors cannot carry out an in-depth survey to the main parts of the drainage systems structure, so buyers are often unaware of the issues their potential new home could have beneath the surface. This is why a Home Buyer’s CCTV Drain Survey is always recommended so that the drains can be properly assessed before any money is exchanged on a property.

A growing number of insurance companies are now asking for a home buyer’s report as they are not aware of the true overall condition of any homes’ drainage system. Contact our drainage specialists for a FREE quote to find out more.

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