Drain Repairs

Damaged drains that aren’t dealt with quickly can cause a great deal of damage to your property that can be costly to rectify. If an insurance company thinks you’ve avoided fixing drains when you knew there was an issue early on, they may even refuse to pay out. In our experience, and especially that of our customers, it’s always best to contact a specialist drainage company, like JVC Wet Waste, as soon as you spot anything irregular with your drainage system.

Broken drains can cause a variety of problems for your property. Some problems may only seem minor, but many can potentially be dangerous and could spiral out of control if not attended to. Damaged drains are a common cause of structural damage in both domestic and commercial properties. If not fixed promptly, a minor problem could develop into a bigger fault, putting your property at risk. For instance, a collapsed pipe could cause subsidence.

Whether you’re relying on a septic tank system, or your property is connected to the sewer mains, you need to make sure that your drains are working efficiently and correctly.

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How Can Drains Become Damaged?

In addition to being blocked by waste, there are many ways in which your drains can sustain extensive damage. Drain repairs will be able to resolve most of these issues, but, in some cases, it is possible that drain pipes will need to be replaced instead.
Some of the most common kinds of drain damage your property is likely to suffer includes:

Collapsed Drain

If a drain’s pressure spikes too high, or if the weight of the surrounding earth is too great, there is the chance that your drain pipes can collapse. Although your drains will be made of hard-wearing and damage-resistant metal, it is possible that they can collapse in on themselves over time.

This can be a major problem for your property. For example, it can allow water and waste to seep out into the surrounding soil. If this occurs close to your foundations, your property could become less stable. This can be extremely costly to repair if left unattended for any length of time. Drain repairs are essential in these situations.

Tree Root Ingress

A surprisingly common issue is when the roots of trees or plants enter the drains. Roots only need a small space to enter any drain pipe. They will detect the moisture within the pipe and grow towards it.

Once they are inside, these roots will quickly grow thanks to the moisture and nutrients in your wastewater. In some cases, these roots can cause immovable blockages or even cause the position of the pipe to shift

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