Basement Flooding Drainage Services

Our team at JVC Wet Waste can provide a complete range of services for flooded basements in London and the South East, from water removal to drain repairs.

Our drainage engineers can quickly and professionally remove all water from your property’s basement. Whether a burst pipe or heavy rainfall is the cause of your flooded home or business, our team can work to clear it as quickly as possible.

Any kind of flooding, even relatively minor floods, can be a serious problem. They can cause a great deal of structural damage to your home or business. The longer you leave the water in your property, the more damage can be caused. It is common for flooding to cause serious damage to a property’s foundations which is why it’s important to call drainage specialists in London and the South East at the first sign of flooding.

With access to specialist equipment and tools, JVC Wet Waste can completely drain water from basements or other areas of your property. We can also work to resolve the drainage issues that caused the flooding in the first place.

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Can You Help With Flood Prevention?

When your basement floods, it isn’t just a short-term problem. In most cases, it is indicative of a serious drainage issue which needs to be rectified as quickly as possible. Blocked drains, collapsed drains and cracked pipes can all contribute towards flooded properties across the UK.

Flooded properties are vulnerable to all kinds of damage. Water can cause long-term, often irreparable damage, to a property’s foundations. It can also cause the growth of mould and rising damp across your property. These issues can ruin your home or business’ structural integrity. They can also be extremely expensive to repair.

In addition to the long-term structural issues, basement flooding can also cause cosmetic damage. Water damage can ruin furniture and anything you’ve chosen to store in your basement. This can include irreplaceable mementos, family photographs and more. As such, a flooded basement needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. It is also important that the cause of the flood is identified. JVC Wet Waste can work with you to ensure that your property does not flood again.

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