Why Emergency Drainage and Tankers Services are Vital for London Homes and Businesses

Drainage and Tankers Services

We live in an age of mass consumerism in which plastic and plastic-based products have become key components of our daily lives. Pick any product you wish to buy and you will find its packaging to be plastic 90% of the time. Be it cupcakes or candies, shampoos or moisturizers, detergents or pet food containers, chances are you will find all of the above products and many more wrapped neatly in plastic-based packaging that is extremely pleasing to the eye.

The trouble is, plastics are non-biodegradable. This means that once discarded, these packaging materials and plastic-based containers make their way into landfills and can remain there for centuries, adversely affecting the environment and natural ecosystems.


Apart from marring the natural beauty of the planet, this non-biodegradable waste often wreaks havoc with civic systems like water supply channels and drainage systems. Despite Herculean efforts by municipal and state authorities, no-biodegradable garbage often makes its way to water reservoirs and in drainage and sewage systems, causing contamination of water and blockage of drainage systems.

A drainage system is one of the key components of efforts by authorities to provide a clean and hygienic environment to the city’s population. But carelessness in waste disposal by some people, like chucking plastic bags into sewerage or drainage systems, can cause major issues for the larger population. Such blockages do not happen at the community or commercial levels alone but can cause mayhem inside homes as well. It could be that a child accidentally drops a toy and flushes it down the toilet, or a plastic bag gets sucked into a drain. Little accidents like these can lead to major trouble. Accumulation of grease over time in grease traps or drains can also lead to blockages that hinder the efficient operation of the system. Issues like these not only disturb the regular functioning of a house’s drainage and sewerage system, but they also lead to stress and discomfort by making the house reek of unpleasant odours.

Emergency drainage and tankers services

Such incidents create an urgent need for drastic interventions, often calling for engaging emergency drainage and tankers services. These service providers are experts who have the right tools and expertise in clearing the drain blockages and ridding you of the discomfort.

Such professional businesses utilise a number of techniques to clear even the most stubborn of blockages so that your home or your business continues to function properly. These services and techniques include grease trap cleaning and installation, gully emptying/gully suckers, petrol interceptor emptying, septic tank emptying, sewage pumping services, and sewer cleaning. Methods like gully emptying or grease trap cleaning rely on powerful suction motors installed on a tanker that clear away any debris or alien elements causing the drainage system to block.

Blockages caused by grease accumulating in the drain pipes in kitchens and other sections of a residential or commercial building become fairly pronounced in winter months and are a routine occurrence in cities experiencing relatively cooler weather throughout the year, like London. Many hacks such as running boiling water or caustic soda solutions down the drains work sometimes, but not always. Sometimes the grease and fats washing down the drains harden to such an extent that only a professional team can offer a credible solution. That is why emergency drainage and tankers services are vital for homes and businesses in London.

Ask around

Once you have analysed that your home or business needs professional help, you will find that there are a number of commercial entities claiming to offer solutions. It is almost certain that you will be overwhelmed by the number of service providers in your very area, and making a decision will be extremely troubling. But with a little diligence, you can get your service provider right. Try finding as much information about the emergency drainage and tanker service provider through their website and social media accounts. Look for certifications from authorities, as those who have them will not shy away from displaying them. It is a good idea to ask friends or family if they have had experience with a particular service provider or if they could recommend someone.

Grab your phone and call businesses that are offering the services to ask about the rates, the services they offer, and the guarantees that they can provide. Do not shy away from gathering as much information as you can before making a final decision. An unprofessional job may lead to more problems that already exist, something your house or business neither need, nor deserve.

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