How to Repair Kitchen Sink Drain

Nothing is more disturbing and annoying than a clogged or blocked kitchen sink. It happens when you leave some things to soak and block the water drainage. No matter the reason for the blockage, it is essential to solving that immediately to avoid further damage. 

After all, having your sink out of order can make using your kitchen difficult. If you hire professionals, they will make sure to find out the natural source of the problem and make it work immediately. So, if you are dealing with a sink problem and looking for experts to repair your kitchen drain, you are in the right place. 

Do you want to know why? Because J.V.C. Wet Waste L.T.D. offers a wide range of services that make your sink work efficiently. We have expert plumbers in our team that reaches on time and repair the kitchen drain. The best thing is that we improve the kitchen without less disruption.

If you think you can solve the issue, you can use various methods to repair the kitchen sink drain. Let’s get right into it and explore the ways you can use to improve your kitchen drain.

Drain any Remaining Water

Before you start cleaning your kitchen sink, drain any remaining water, which will eliminate all the food particles, debris and standing water. So, grab a pair of rubber gloves and scoop all the water out of your sink.

Use Boiling Water

The increase can be a significant reason for your clogged sink, and one of the simplest ways to clear it is to use boiling water. Pour the boiling water slowly down the drain and let it sit for a minute or two. Open the hot water tap; the boiling water will melt the grease, and you will get a clear sink.

Use a Regular Plunger

A regular plunger is also a helpful tool to unclog a kitchen sink. It is easy to use and comes in handy around the house in a situation like this. You have to palace the plunger over the sinkhole and hold it upright. Pop the plunger in a vertically upright stroke and do this rapidly. This way, it will remove all the debris and get a clean kitchen sink.

Clean the Pipes Manually

This method is a little dirty, so make sure to wear gloves. Moreover, you will need a wrench and a bucket to clean it. Place the bucket directly underneath the sink and the U pipe. Start unscrewing the pipe with the help of a wrench and remove it from the entire setup. Flip all the lines to empty them. When the pipe is dirt and debris free, you can replace it on the setup, and your kitchen sink will start working as usual. 

Use Salt and Baking Soda

Salt and baking soda are also helpful in repairing your kitchen sink drain. You can mix ½ cup salt and baking soda each in a cup. Spoon all the mixture into the drain and let it sit for a few minutes. Boil water and pour that water into the drain. Plug that drains immediately for the reaction to be forced down the drain. 

Thus, you can use all the above methods to clean your drain. But, make sure to use them correctly to get the best results. But if you think you cannot do it properly, you can call experts for their help and get the bestresults. 

Concluding Remarks!

To summarize all the discussion, we can say that it is essential to run your sink smoothly. Otherwise, you will create mss in yur kitchen. If you want to repair your kitchen sink drain, the best decision is to call professionals. Because they know the technicalities to solve that problema and repair it thoroughly to avoid any future damage, you can tust on the expertise of J.V.C. Wet Waste L.T.D. for their best repair services. We have plumbers with a decade long experience that solve any sink problem and make it work efficiently. Moreover, all of our services are available at very reasonable prices. So, get your kitchen sink to work with the best prices. 

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