Cracked or leaking water pipes are something we see in our homes but ignore. However, left or untreated water pipes can cause severe damage to your property. The labour and material cost of repairing the cracked drain pipes is shocking, which is why people don’t treat these pipes professionally.

But, thanks to J.V.C. Wet Waste L.T.D., which helps thousands of people fix their cracked and leaking pipes at very reasonable prices. We have experts who provide high-quality services and save you time and money. We assure you that we will repair the water pipes efficiently so you won’t face that problem again. 

So, let’s jump into it and find out how we will work and fix your pipe issues. 

How do we work to fix a cracked water pipe?

There are a few steps that our experts follow to find out the source of the problem so that we can solve them from the root.

Step 1

In this era of technology, various tools and equipment help us detect the main problem. Therefore, we use CCTV cameras and insert them into the pipe where you are facing a crisis. This helps us in finding the exact location of cracks or blockages. 

We then insert a tube and patch liner into the pipe and inflate it to bond the patch with the damaged pipe section. When the resin becomes hardened, we remove the inflatable tube from the drain pipe, leaving it repaired. The process is effective and repairs the blocked pipes without making a mess.

Step 2

When we identified the issue’s location, we used a high-pressure water jet to clean the pipe and remove blockages. The best thing is that this process is safe and highly effective in eliminating blockages from all types of the sewer.

This is also effective because when the damage in your drain is too significant for patch lining, we use drain relining. The liner is held in place against the sides of the gutter. Once the drain relining resin has set, the damaged pipe is repaired. 

Step 3

Once we make sure that all the blockers have been removed, we take another look to verify and inspect the damage. This way, we assess if the pipe can be repaired using the relining pipe process or we need to undertake other procedure. 

Step 4

In this step, we apply a slow-reacting resin to the patch that will insert into the pipe and tie the patch. The wire will snap when the pressure is used, which will help keep the patch in its place. 

Step 5

We insert a packet into the pipe and pump it, pushing the patch against the cracked pipe. Then we will leave it for 1 to 2 hours to resin it completely. 

Step 6

In this step, we will pull out the packer and look with a CCTV camera for any manual work. This is essential to make sure that the patch is working efficiently. 

Thus, with the help of these steps, we repair the cracked drain pipe. We assure you that with our advanced methods and technology, you will never face these issues again. 

Contact our Professional Repair Services

At J.V.C. Wet Waste L.T.D., our professionals conduct an in-depth survey of your broken drain system. Our experts make sure to deliver high-quality services and the best solution to repair cracked drain pipes without creating damage to your property. The best thing is that we oofer all of our sevcies at very affordable price, so you get your drains work efficiently and smoothly with the help of our amazing services. 

Concluding Remarks!

To conclude, we can say that there are many ways to repair cracked pipes. There is no doubt that you can improve it yourself, but it often does more harm than good if you are not an expert. Therefore, we highly recommend you, contact professionals. You can rely on the expertise of J.V.C. Wet Waste L.T.D. for their services. We have trained and experienced engineers to deal with all cracked drain pipes, and they will work efficiently and quickly to identify the necessary drain repair. 

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