Blocked Gully Pipe

Are you concerned about the gullies around your house? Do you think that they are blocked and are not working smoothly? Do you know that you can solve this problem yourself? So, this piece of writing will help you with how you can quickly empty a blocked gully pipe.

Blocked gullies can be a nightmare, and it becomes worse if you don’t deal with it quickly. But, gully empty do not need much maintenance, though, because they only start to drain slowly when something is stuck in them and become the reason to flood. 

If you don’t deal with them quickly and leave them as it is, it can cause severe damage. But, you don’t have to worry because maintaining and cleaning gullies if they are blocked are the tasks that you can easily carry out yourself.

There are some companies which provide you with exceptional gully cleaning services. One of the best companies is JVC Wet Waste LTD, which has experts who leave your gullies as clean as new.

But, if you want to clean them yourself, we will help you with the essential steps. Now, you may be wondering how? So, let’s dive into the deeper details and find out how you can clean a blocked gully easily.

Find Out the Gully

The first step is to locate the gully because most of us don’t know where our gullies are found. Also, these gullies are more commonly known as grids. A grid is a plastic or metal grating on the top of the gully and keeps the leaves, litter, and debris out of the drain.

You may also have more than one gully around your home, and it can be problematic when you cannot find out which one contains the offending blockage. Therefore, look for the one gully with the most waste or debris inside it, and overflow water that won’t drain away.

But, if all of your gullies are blocked, you have to clean all of them one by one to avoid the problems. You can start from the entirely blocked one to carry it out on other gullies easily.

Once you have located the blocked gully, the first thing is to clean the grid with your hands and catch all the debris or leaves over it. For this, you should have gloves to pick them up and throw them away quickly. 

Remove the Grid 

This part can be a little bit difficult for you depending on the age of the gully. Therefore, when you try to take it out a potential dirty water splash hazard, you need protective glasses for it so that it won’t cause any harm to you or your eyes.

Moreover, you can take the grid out with the help of a screwdriver, and in this way, it will come out quickly. But, if it is not opening due to the lack of maintenance, you have to put more effort and use forceful methods to open it.

Check Inside the Gully

Now, you have to look inside the gully and find out the cause of the blockage, and that would be a lot of leaves and twigs that slip down into the gully. And this type of blockage is very easy to clear with your hands. 

When you remove all of this, the water in the drain will start running smoothly. You can pour water into the gully to check if it is working correctly before you leave it without checking. Through this, you will know that you have done a proper job.

Use a Drain Rod

If you have cleared the gully and the water is not running smoothly, the problem is more severe and in the pipeline. And, because it is deep down, you cannot use your hands to clean it, and you have to use a drain rod for your help.

A drain rod is a flexible pole that you can insert into the drain to clean it properly. So, when you feel the resistance, start prodding it slowly and break it down into small pieces. These pieces will flash away quickly, clearing the way for the water to run.

Flush Out the Gully

Now, it is time to get rid of all the grease and fat inside the gully, and for this, you need hot water. Take a bucket full of water and pour it into the gully, and it will melt all the waste material and leave your gully as new as before.

So, all of the steps mention-above will help you to clean your gully without much effort.

A Quick Round Off!

To sum up, we can say that if you want to clean the gully yourself, you can. But, it is always a wise choice to ask for the help of professionals. Therefore, you can count on JVC Wet Waste LTD if you need professionals. Our experts will find the blockage gully and instantly clean it so that you don’t have to face those problems again. 

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