How to Clean Shower Drain

There is nothing more relaxing than getting ready to take a nice shower. But, realize that the water is still standing and is not going down even if you already have closed the shower. And, if you notice the build-up of the water during the bath that takes time to go empty, it is time to investigate the condition of the shower drain.

A clogged drain is a slow drain that causes some obstruction comes in the way of water. The most common reason for the shower drain is that a lot of hair accumulates near the drain after taking a shower or the residue of the bath products over time. 

 Here is the Solution for Cleaning Shower Drain

If you think you have a clogged drain, the first thing is to check for any visible obstruction. Clumps of hair are the most common culprit, but if you don’t find any visible block, look underneath the drain cap and use a flashlight to see any other obstruction. And gently clean it.

After this, double-check if the drain is open or not. To check this, you can open the drain stopper and lift it to ensure it works efficiently. So, you have to make sure the reason for the blockage and check if the stopper isn’t accidentally becoming the reason for blocking the stopper drain.

Ways of Cleaning Shower Drain

Let’s dive into the details and find out the ways that you can use to clean the shower drain. You can use one of the following ways to clan the shower drains, as these are easy to do. Moreover, you can buy the special equipment you use during the cleaning, which will give you better results. 

Use your hands to remove the clog

Sometimes, you can easily catch the clog near the shower surface area. Put on your rubber gloves and take off as many clogs as possible. Small hooks are available in the market for this purpose, and you can also use them. But be aware that using those hooks doesn’t damage your drain. 

Use a Shower Drain Snake

A drain snake is a flexible drawing tool people use to clean the shower drains. You can use the snake hand crank to send a material wire down to the drain to break or to pull up the clogged material. But, make sure you clean the drain snake after using it so that you can sue them afterward.

Use a Natural Cleaner

There is a lot of chemical product available on the market that you can use to clean the shower drain. You have to pour these chemicals into the gutters, wait a few minutes for the material to break down, and rinse it with boiling water, and you are done. 

Use Boiling Water

If you cannot find any obstruction in the drain and the drain snake is unsuccessful, you can use boiling hot water to clean the shower drain because it will help dissolve the material like soap scum and make it easy to clean it properly.                                                                                  

Call in Plumbers

If nothing is helpful from the abovementioned ways, it’s time to call the professional drain expert. For this, you can search for the best drainage companies who can suspect and solve the problem immediately without causing more problems. They may have advanced and special tools and equipment that they can use to unblock the shower drains. 

A Quick Wrap Up!

To summarize the discussion, we can say that when you face a problem, the first thing to do o to check and find the problem yourself. Try that if you can solve it yourself, and if you think nothing is helpful, you can count on JVC Wet Waste LTD. We are one of the well-established and professional companies with experts who use their expertise and solve the problem so that you don’t face it again. Our excerpts ensure they come with the advanced tools they need during the cleaning process. Thye uses their expertise to make sure that the water won’t stand again in your shower drain. So, first, we inspect and catch the problem from its root and solve it correctly. The best thing is that you can get all our services at very affordable rates.

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