Clean outside drain

Many home owners have outside drains that are installed somewhere on their property. The purpose of an exterior drain is to prevent heavy rainfall and snow from flooding the residence, lawn, or yard. If you have a driveway, there may be a drain to prevent the drive surface from flooding during rainfall or storm. 

It is essential to keep the outside drains clean and free of dirt; otherwise, it will destroy the overall appearance of your home. Thus, the homeowners should know how to clean and maintain their drains to avoid issues that can cause an inadequate drainage system. 

For instance, if the drain is blocked or fully clogged, you can do it cleanly without hiring a plumber. You can use different products to break the clog, which will be as new as before. But, if that does not work, it simply means that now you need to call the plumber. 

So, if you want professionals for this work, you can blindly trust JVC Wet Waste LTD. We have experts that will explain how you can keep your drains clean and maintained. Moreover, their skills will unclog the outdoor drain pipes and make them free from problems. 

Steps for Cleaning the Drain

You can use the following essential steps to clean the drains. 

Search for the Problem

First, you must find out where the drainage is located outside of your home. A drain cover covers it, so you need a screwdriver to take it off. So, once you find it, examine the central issue of the blockage.

After examining the problem, you will be sure if you can handle the situation yourself or if you need to hire professionals because the pain is intense; it will require tools and equipment to solve it.

But, the following are the things that become a reason for the clogged drain;

  • Covering the drainage holes with mud
  • Grass and plants growing near the drainage opening or exit points
  • Debris and leaves that may be have thrown into it due to rain or storm

Gather the Equipment for Unblocking 

It will help if you have a few equipment and tools to remove the obstruction to clear an outdoor drain. One of the most important is the drainage rod, which is thin, long, and flexible. These rods allow you to push the obstruction in the drain and reach deep down into the system. 

You may also need gloves and protective clothes because you must search deep into the drains. Therefore, we recommend you buy waterproof gloves and some protective glasses for your eyes. Splatter can include in the sewage germs, and it is essential to avoid that coming into touch, as it can cause disease.

Remove the Obstacles

The narrow metal should be able to glide through the much, but you may have to apply some pressure on it. You can move the rods around the dislodge and be patient, as this can take time, especially if the accumulation is resistant. But, continue plunging until the drain rod is simple and easy to move.

Remove any Other Debris

Once you have cleared the obstacles in the strain, ensure the water runs smoothly through your outside drains. You also have to make sure that the problem doesn’t occur again. For this, you must clear any extra debris accumulated around the drain with a hose by applying pressure. 

So, all the steps mentioned earlier are essential in cleaning the drains yourself. 

Call in Professionals!

To summarize, we can say that people these days don’t have the time to take a look and clear the drains. No matter if the cleaning process is easy because it takes time, people don’t prefer it done alone. If you are one of them, you can contact JVC Wet Waste LTD, which has experts with decade-long experience cleaning the drains appropriately. W make sure that the problem won’t arise again, and you don’t have to face the issue in the future. They use their expertise and the right type of equipment to clean the drains. So, say goodbye to the blocked drain and have a clear one with us. The best thing is that you can have these services at a very reasonable price. 

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