How to Choose the Right Cess Tank Service in London: Key Factors to Consider

Cess Tank Services

A cesspit, or cess tank, is one of the most important components in modern houses and one that is necessary to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your home and its surroundings. Explained simply, a cesspit is an underground reservoir that is used to hold wastewater and sewage. A cesspit is usually an enclosed vessel, sealed to ensure that no amount of wastewater or solid waste makes its way out of it.

While a completely sealed container ensures that the waste stays where it is indented to, it presents home and business owners with the problem of maintaining the cess tank, a primary activity of which includes its need to be emptied regularly by a professional cess tank service provider.

Cess tank features

Cess tanks have remained in human use since the 16th century when they were a regular feature of European urban societies. In the early days, cesspits were known as soak pits. They were usually formed using bricks and stone and built underground. This layout allowed the wastewater to seep into the ground, leaving only solid waste in the tank. This allowed for easy removal of the solid waste that was often utilised as fertilisers in agriculture. However, the municipal authorities soon realised that the wastewater was making its way to water sources, contaminating drinking water and causing diseases in human populations. It was then that the cess tanks were reinforced with concrete to contain the harmful liquids and preserve sources of consumable water.

Nowadays, cess tanks are made using fiberglass and polyethylene, but concrete ones are still being used in some places. And though their construction has been refined to do away with the nuisances of earlier designs, the modalities of cleaning and maintaining them remain the same. Cess tanks still have to be emptied by professionals. In the olden days, professional cleaners used shovels and horse-drawn carriages to complete the job, often putting the health of workers at risk. Thankfully, machines and technology have made this cumbersome job much easier. Professionals now have access to powerful pumps and machines that can empty the largest of cess tanks in minutes.

The right cess tank service in London

While the conversation about technology and machines might make you inclined to pick up the phone and hire the first cess tank service in London that you run across, there are some key factors to consider before taking the leap of faith.

The first and foremost aspect of the right cess tank service provider you must be looking at is the rapport they have built with customers and the reputation that they carry in the business. A personal reference from a loved one could be a great start, but you can always rely on the company’s social media handles to find a relation between what the company claims and what it delivers. Another thing you should also keep in mind is the number of years of experience that the company carries with itself, besides making sure of the official authorisation, licenses, and permits that allow it to conduct business. Licenses and relevant concessions from public sector authorities like the Greater London Authority are great proofs of the company’s credibility.

As we mentioned earlier, equipment plays a major role in expediting the cess tank service and ensuring that the job performed is of the highest standard. While choosing a contractor, do ask about the kind of equipment they use to empty the tanks and its capacity to clean the tanks, etc. The answers will either leave you satisfied or with a gut feeling telling you that perhaps you should try another service provider.

And last but not the least, as a responsible citizen, it is your duty to ensure that the waste collected from your home is disposed of in a manner that is not harmful to the environment. Do ask the service providers about their disposal mechanism and the processes, if any, that they incorporate while disposing off the waste in an environment-friendly manner.

By keeping these tiny but very important details in mind, you will make sure that you not only gain access to the best cess tank service provider in London but you do so in a way that helps preserve the environment through sustainable disposal of waste.

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