How Can A Home Buyers Drain Survey Save You Money?

Drain Survey

If you have been living in your house for quite a long time, you may face problems with your drain system. But, if you are considering buying a new home, you should ensure that the drains are in good condition with drain survey. Otherwise, it will be hard to back out of your purchase and live with that dirty and blocked system. 

So, how can you do this? The simple way to ensure the condition of the drain system is to go through the drain survey. Let’s jump right into it to know more about this and how this survey can save you money.

What is a Home Buyer’s Drain Survey?

A home’s buyer drain survey is a professional and specialized version of a full conveyancing survey. It identifies the effectiveness of the entire drainage system servicing the property. It gives information about the following;

  • The structure of the drain
  • The whole pipework tells you about any leakage, holes, or blockage, and it also means you about any misconnection that needs to be repaired.
  • Who owns that? It means which part of the system you can repair or maintain and which parts need to be looked after by the water authority.

Thus, you must invest in a good home buyer drain survey so that you can make up your mind if you are interested in buying that property or not.  

Hidden Drainage Problems can be Expensive to Fix.

When you are investing thousands of dollars in buying a property, it is wise to go with a drain survey. Otherwise, in the future, you can find problems that are hard to fix or need more money than you expect for maintenance. 

This is because the old drains are prone to root intrusion, going out of shape, and corrosion. Some drains are laid directly under the house, which makes it difficult to find any blockage there. In this situation, a home buyer drain survey can save you from these risks, and you will save your money. 

How Does a Home Buyer’s Drain Survey Work?

Experts use advanced and state-of-art technology to complete a comprehensive survey with a CCTV camera in a home buyer’s durian survey. The drainage specialist feeds the camera through the drainage network on the property and checks the integrity of your drains. 

This way, they map out the whole system and create a detailed survey report with the findings. These are helpful when moving to another process or looking for effective ways to repair the drain system. After identifying the problems, they suggest the best possible ways to resolve them. 

What Happens if you Ignore the Drain Survey?

If your drains are working in good order, you can enjoy settling into your new home without much this case, nothing will happen at all. But, this case is rare.

Although, if you have some underlying problems with your drainage system and don’t go with a drain survey, you end up with a hefty bill for unexpected drain repair and maintenance costs. 

In addition, the unseen blockages and leakages can cause flooding, rising dampness, and even cause serious problems to your property. And you will have no other option than to spend a lot of money on repairing these issues. 

Save Money with a Comprehensive Survey

If you don’t want to take risks and save money, it is a good idea to spend some money on the survey. You will find out the major drain system problem, which can change your decision to buy the house. So you will have a clear direction and idea bout it. 

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